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Strange... yet festive! Super fun game!

This was really fun! Quite short; but fun nonetheless!


Very creative! This is 5 years late haha! I'm also playing this for NewYears! 2021!!!! I was able to complete the game. The controls were confusing me as I'm used to first-person. Eventually, I got the hang of it! I could definitely never make such a good game like this in only 10 minutes. 10/10. Would play again.

Unexpected and adorable! Great graphics and minimalistic gameplay make for a cozy adventure! 

A game made in ten mins...I don't even know what to say... It was a fun game though. Like the music! I am very glad my trashy computer can run this game! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

<span <this="" game="" is="" very="" nice!<="" span="">THIS GAME IS VERY NICE! :D happy,  please more of it </span> ^^


It's Christmas Eve! And what better way to celebrate it by another Indie game?! It was really fun and weird, which is perfect for an indie game! I hope Lily liked her surprise! :D
P.S~ I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays!🎄

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Hey! i played your game in one of my videos :D


This game was... weird to say the least. The game is actually fun to play with funny parts in it (not going to spoil it for those who have not played it yet) but I do have a problem with all the copyrighted music in the game. It is a nightmare when editing all the original music out. Also, the contols seemed a little weird because of the prespective we are given but thats not a major problem. I hope your bae likes the game however she might have something to say when she sees "that part". Anyway, I did a video on this, your game is second in the video. 

I would love to post this in my youtube channel :)


Didn't expect that at all lol, this was fun, and good work.  This could be made into a much bigger game and I would totally play it.  I hope your girlfriend liked it!  Nice job, this is the 3rd in a group of Christmas based games.


Hello! I played this charming (albeit super weird) game. It's pretty well-made for a game you made in ten minutes. I hope you and Lollipop Moose are still doing well together!


It was a super strange, but fun game to play!

Heyo :) Just wanted to let you know that I played your game back on the 2nd of December, as part of my YouTube advent calendar - It was an... interesting... experience ;)

oh my god this is amazing!!! she thought it was hilarious thank you

Haha, thanks man! I'm so glad that my videos are actually entertaining! And great job on the game, hope you're still doing something game-related :) Happy holidays! :D

Umm... what's it about?

its about the spirit of christmas and scaring the shit out of my girlfriend