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A game I made for a school project so I didn't have to write as long of an essay.

In Flagged For Removal, you enter a world in the near future where augmented reality glasses have been fully realized. A fictional software company has created a social media app for these classes called ‘Throwii’ where users can use the walls of the buildings of the cities of the world as a shared AR canvas for graffiti. All a user needs to do is point to a wall and they can draw directly on it with their finger to spray-paint, or edit and upload photos to use as stickers. Everything one draws and uploads can then be viewed in that spot in real-time by other users. \

In this game, you play as a low-level employee of Throwii whose job it is to moderate the content in this augmented reality world. One would think that the moderator would be able to do this from the comfort of their own desk, but Throwii has decided that it is important to judge the real-world context of the AR graffiti to determine whether it should be removed or not. Thus, you set out into the lonely midnight city to complete this task. 


FlaggedForRemoval_Windows.zip 26 MB
FlaggedForRemoval_Mac.zip 30 MB

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