This game is an attempt to capture how I felt and how those around me felt after the results of the 2016 election. I was inspired by kcgreen's legendary comic.

The music was composed by the always dope Felix--see his stuff on soundcloud

Thank you all for your donations! The money will be used to keep me making these sorts of things.


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This Is Fine. No, it's not. This might easily be the most amazing pixel art experience  ever, after Rose11's  Soul Builder, and saantonandre's Overlords New Mansion (both of which you go check out). In other words this game is not fine. This game is the cutest, funniest, most pointless, and also possibly the weirdest game I've ever played. Amen for this.



If i could describe the game in one word it would be "Fine"

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The last URL in your "press" list still links to the Rock Paper Shotgun article for some reason, despite the URL being that of Free Game Planet. It should point here:


The game was a bit short. i love the pixel art style the characters look so cute and the music is really nice and soothing great game also if you cant hear me in the video that was my fault i had the volume too loud. 


This was so adorable! The pixel art was super well done and the music fit the mood perfectly. The game's message really hit home with a lot of my feelings and I'm sure a lot of others' as well. It's very important to keep pushing forward and keep a positive outlook on things, no matter how hard things get and no matter how bad things seem. It makes the experience so much easier and manageable. Or "fine" - this was perfect. Thanks so much for making this!


Thank you!! Love the video :)

Thank you!! :D

I am amazed.

Really well made! A meme game is always a good game!

Really nice

So cute! In the end everything was not fine... but I walked away happy so that's a win in my book haha

Turning a Meme into a game is an awesome idea. Great work! <3


this was a cool game which a message.
Although I'm not sure what exactly it wanted me to say about your attitude about Trump's election :-)

This is fine... I'm not crying...

can't run it


I had a little cry, bless you



This was so fucking adorable

This is fine.

This is fine. No, really. It's cute.


That was really adorable. (^w^)

Beautiful :)

awwwwwwwwwwww :3 i loved it. Thank you. I got the warm fuzzies.

This is really sweet. Thank you.

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This is nice

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Found your game just today, thought it was neat, and wanted to do something with it. So I did.

This is fine.


This is very cool! Appreciate it. I like the insights that scroll along the top haha

Glad you enjoyed it. My brain tends to be way faster than my mouth, so it's actually a habit of mine to add in stuff like that during editing. Things unsaid, after thoughts, all that fun stuff. (Plus, I just like messing around with edits.)

Thanks for making the game. I like the smaller works like this, especially when they have either a cool mechanic or a message to deliver, as this one seemed to.

I really didnt expect what i saw when it zoomed out the last time.

This is the most adorable freaking thing I've seen all week. :3


I mean, I support Trump, but I give credit where is due
congrats on this mini-game

Wonderful game. Captures all the feelings of a disappointing week, in a sweet and tender way. Good job Nicky.

it's beautiful

I love this

Very captivating piece of work :)

Thank you so much for making this. It's a beautiful, heartwarming ray of sunlight in a very dark week.

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Pretty cool narrative game :3
Not just a re-use of the comic, good that you used some original ideas, good adaptation ! :)

would have loved having some (useless) impact on the environement and friends with the extinguisher though :P


Appreciate the feedback!

Yeah there's less interaction in this game than I'd hoped, maybe something to polish up in the future

This Is Fine. I mean seriously, it's awesome. If you want to make changes, please keep this version intact.